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BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP — Data storage has gotten a lot cheaper in recent years.

And now, a Bloomfield Township company is hoping to lop another zero off the cost of storing your stuff.

Essentially, Yottabyte is using software to create virtual data centers, using cheaper so-called commodity hardware to replace more expensive software and systems from vendors like IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, EMC and NetApp.

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Yottabyte could be called a “consolidated, virtual data center in a box” – a scale-out box. Taking pages from the ‘books’ of several infrastructure companies, they’re providing a replacement for servers, storage, networking, virtualization software, backup and other specialty appliances that end up in the data center.

The startup’s key technology is a distributed file system that can virtualize heterogeneous storage resources; it has also built management tools to create virtual datacenter environments. Can Yottabyte make a dent in the crowded cloud space?

Yottabyte unveiled an enhanced version of its software for virtualizing commodity server, storage and networking hardware into a virtualized data center designed to help smaller companies build cloud data centers.

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