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yStor Includes NAS, High Availability, Synchronization, Thin Provisioning, Caching, Deduplication, Snapshots, Distributed File System, Encryption and Backup, Providing a Complete Software Defined Storage Solution

Bloomfield Township, MI – Yottabyte®, the rising star in software-defined storage, today announced yStor 2.3, the latest version of its software platform. Underpinning yStor 2.3 is a powerful distributed and globally deduplicated file system, Yottabyte File System (YBFS), and Yottabyte’s virtual SAN (vSAN) technology. yStor is the cloud-aware storage platform which enables business to build their own cloud environments with robust data protection features scale-out building block appliances.

Yottabyte provides yStor 2.3 for a price as low as about one cent per Gigabyte per month, making it the most affordable enterprise storage platform on the market.

Yottabyte yStor 2.3 is designed for companies that want to build scalable data storage infrastructures with information in multiple locations while keeping it protected and synchronized. Large enterprise and mid-market businesses looking to build large data archives, distributed storage systems, or enterprise storage arrays that can be managed by an IT generalist should consider yStor.

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