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An optional Windows update to the SUSE Block driver, released by Microsoft on Dec 8, 2015 has been found to be defective. This update will cause BSOD (blue screens of death) on virtual machines using a virtio driver for block storage. The SUSE Block Driver overwrites the existing (correct) virtio driver and causes the VM to become unstable. It is strongly recommended to avoid applying this patch until Microsoft offers a verified replacement/fix.

To deselect the optional update

  1. Change Windows update options (Windows 2008/2012) in Control Panel ->System and Security ->Windows Update.
  2. Click on the link “…optional updates are available”.
  3. Deselect the update “SUSE – Storage Controller – SUSE Block Driver for Windows”.
  4. Right click this update and select the Hideupdate option (this will ensure the update is not accidentally applied.)

Hidden patches can be restored (from the left menu on the Updates screen) when/if Microsoft issues a replacement patch.


If the patch has already been applied

  1. Shutdown the VM completely.
  2. In yCenter, Edit the VM.  Change the driver type to IDE.
  3. Submit the change.
  4. Start the VM.  This should allow booting the Windows VM without Blue screen.
  5. Change the block device driver from SUSE back to the Redhat version.
  6. Shutdown the VM completely.
  7. In yCenter, Edit the VM. Change the driver type back to virtio.
  8. Start the VM.
  9. Contact Yottabyte Support if you need assistance or have further questions/concerns.


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