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Yottabyte is pleased to announce the general availability of our YottaBlox hyperconverged, storage and compute appliances, alongside version 4.0 of our yCenter software defined infrastructure platform. YottaBlox appliances, powered by yCenter, the very same software we have used to power our public cloud computing and storage services for years. Finally, administrators can have all the power they need to build robust private, public or hybrid clouds in a turnkey, building block appliance approach.

As with other providers, new features are trialed in our public cloud offering first and then released to our YottaBlox appliances. This ensures that features are refined and tested before administrators have to wrangle with them.

YottaBlox come with all the trimmings. Virtual datacenters are at the core of how yCenter works. This functionality isn’t an add-on and it doesn’t cost any extra money. Virtual machines can be grouped together into a virtual datacenter and control over each virtual datacenter restricted via role-based administration and policy.

YottaBlox may be purchased as a hyperconverged appliance. Unlike some, we don’t believe that hyperconvergence is a product in and of itself; hyperconvergence is merely a hardware configuration where the CPU and RAM resources used to run VMs reside on the same physical server as the physical disks they’re attached to. This fact has been confused by many vendors who wish to stay relevant to the increasingly busy administrators of today’s datacenters.

YottaBlox hyperconverged appliances incorporate storage, networking and compute into a single appliance. Virtual datacenters serve as containers for virtual machines which are themselves wrappers for operating systems and applications. Virtual machines and entire virtual datacenters can be snapshotted, cloned, migrated, backed up, and automatically deployed as part of templates or recipes.

YottaBlox can be joined together to form a single cluster, and ultimately a single site’s worth of physical datacenter. They can also be joined over geographic distances to allow migration of workloads between sites, disaster recovery planning and failover and even the migration of workloads between yCenter clusters owned by different organizations.

The barriers between your private cloud and someone else’s public cloud are being broken down. Interminable configuration on a per-virtual machine basis is no longer required to set up disaster recovery or enable hybrid cloud movement of workloads. Entire virtual datacenters can move quickly and easily. New workloads can be deployed locally, remotely or on a publicly hosted yCenter instance where you have an account.

Hyperconvergence isn’t a product. Virtual datacenters aren’t a product. Public clouds, private clouds, even hybrid cloud capabilities aren’t a product. None of these, on their own, are worthy of their own SKU, their own price tag or their own licencing. They are all merely features of a datacenter solution done right.

YottaBlox is the product, and ease of use without worry is the feature that can finally be delivered upon. Your workloads, where you need them, when you need them.

Join us @YottabyteLLC, @greg_m_campbell & @dduanetursi at Intel’s Cloud Day 2016 (@IntelITCenter | #IntelCloudDay | #NowPossible) to learn about YottaBlox. Bring YottaBlox with yCenter to your datacenter today so you can be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

D. Duane Tursi


Tursi has many years experience maximizing business development opportunities in highly competitive markets. As a principal and co-founder of Netarx, he was responsible for sales & marketing, and grew the company into a nationally recognized leader in systems integration and managed IT services. Tursi was instrumental in Netarx' acquisition of the VAR business of publicly traded Analyst International in 2009, which he grew to $65 million in revenue in 2010 and sold to Logicalis in 2011. Tursi served as an original member of Cisco's Partner Executive Exchange Board. He earned a BS in biological science from Emory University.

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